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Spotlight On: Economics

Economics analyzes how societies provide for their well-being, and the choices that must be made to do so. It studies the competition and cooperation that arises among individuals, private organizations, and governments in the process of allocating scarce resources for a variety of different uses.  Studies lead to a Bachelor of Arts (3-Year, 4-Year, or Honours) …Read more >

Spotlight on Biology

The study of biology encompasses any manifestation of life, from the DNA molecule to the interactions of organisms within the various ecosystems of the earth. This broad discipline includes the subject areas of botany, zoology, microbiology, ecology, genetics, and molecular biology. Studies lead to a Bachelor of Science (3-Year, 4-Year, or Honours) with a major …Read more >

Spotlight on Religion & Culture

The Religion & Culture program focuses on the human search for meaning and purpose in life. Meet Dr. Mark Ruml who teaches in the program; Annie McBay in her final year of the program; and Alumna Kristy Bergman Schroeder.

Spotlight On Criminal Justice

Find out more about UWinnipeg’s Criminal Justice program in our latest Academic Spotlight.

Spotlight On Indigenous Studies

Indigenous Studies and The University of Winnipeg is grounded in the intellectual and cultural heritage of Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the globe. Follow the link to find out more and watch our video!

Spotlight on Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications

The Rhetoric, Writing and Communications program offers studies in theory, analysis, and practice of a variety of communications.

Spotlight on Geography

Geography is concerned with the Earth’s surface in two ways – as the science of interaction between natural elements of the environment, such as weather, plants, soils and landforms; and secondly, as the science of the Earth’s population in response to various social and environmental factors. UWinnipeg’s diverse department offers courses within three fields of …Read more >

Spotlight on mathematics and statistics

Mathematics is the science of number, form, and logic. The study of statistics is concerned with the collection, analysis, and interpretation of data. These are some examples of what to do with math + stats.

Spotlight on interdisciplinary programs offered by MSC, UWinnipeg

Conflict Resolution Studies (CRS) is an interdisciplinary program offered through the cooperation of The University of Winnipeg and Menno Simons College, which is located on the UWinnipeg campus. Conflict Resolution Studies prepares students to understand and interact constructively in response to personal, local, and global conflict situations. Topics include violence, power, justice, peace, communication, culture, conflict transformation, …Read more >

Spotlight On: Human Rights

  STUDYING HUMAN RIGHTS AT UWINNIPEG Studying human rights exposes students to issues from diverse perspectives – including conflict resolution, gender studies, international development studies, politics, religious studies and more. UWinnipeg’s program takes an interdisciplinary approach to courses, while letting students structure their education around social justice, global citizenship, and human rights themes. One of …Read more >