Exploring the root causes of workplace bullying

As part of an SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, Dr. Karen Harlos has been working with the Government of Manitoba, Manitoba Nurses Union, and Manitoba Teachers’ Society to prevent workplace bullying.

SSHRC funds Dr. Ivan Roksandic’s study of Xavante sacred space

The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada has awarded Dr. Ivan Roksandic with a Trans-Atlantic Platform Grant worth over $97,000 to expand his research into the colonization of the sacred places of the Xavante territory of Marãiwatsédé and São Marcos.

UWinnipeg launches Centre for Access to Information and Justice

A new Centre for Access to Information and Justice opened at The University of Winnipeg this fall, a leading international hub for public interest research on matters of freedom of information and access to justice in Canada and beyond.

UWinnipeg geography prof leads study on extreme weather events

According to a recently published research by UWinnipeg associate professor and Canada Research Chair, Dr. Nora Casson, and Dr. Alix Contosta, of the University of New Hampshire, winter weather whiplash events have a big impact on ecosystems and communities.

Canada Research Chair Reception photo gallery

The University of Winnipeg celebrated its Canada Research Chairs on Wednesday, November 6 with a reception on honouring four new and one renewed appointment.

UWinnipeg researcher working to improve brain imaging

UWinnipeg’s Dr. Melanie Martin is working with Cubresa Inc. to combine PET and MRI in hopes of improving imaging for neurodegenerative diseases.

Reducing phosphorus in waterways

Dr. Darshani Kumaragamage has been researching ways farmers can reduce phosphorus runoff during the spring snowmelt.

Kinesiology research aims to reduce mental health stigma

Reducing the stigma around mental health is at the centre of a study led by Dr. José Gallego, from Almeria, Spain and The University of Winnipeg’s Chair of Kinesiology and Applied Health, Dr. Melanie Gregg. 

Photographing ghosts on the prairies

An extraordinary set of black-and-white photographs of “ghosts”, taken in Winnipeg in the early 1920s, have caught the attention of UWinnipeg’s art historian Dr. Serena Keshavjee. 

Manitoba Food History Project stretches from Altona to Churchill

When Dr. Janis Thiessen opens a jar of salsa, she’s not just thinking about whether it’s going to be mild or spicy. She’s considering the complex issues of migrant communities, how sharing food, and other aspects of culture, helps individuals to orient themselves.