The University of Winnipeg Campus Living team recently welcomed Brittany Walton as their new Campus Living Manager. Walton, a native of Nanaimo, British Columbia, decided to document her entire, 2,700-km trip on Instagram, where she posted plenty of selfies and pictures of beautiful scenery from across Western Canada.

Walton has shared some of those photos, along with her thoughts on her new role, her coffee preferences, and her first impressions of Winnipeg — a city she is happy to be arriving in during the summer.

All photos from @brit.walton on Instagram.

Brittany Walton Instagram post of her holding a "Winnipeg or Bust" sign

Brittany’s journey started with some slightly more vertical topography.

Brittany Walton Instagram post of her with a mountain in the background

Of course, there were many visits to Starbucks.

“There were probably about eight Starbucks stops, two from Tim Hortons, and one from Second Cup,” says Walton. She clarified her coffee allegiance by adding, “Some of my stops didn’t have a Starbucks, so I made do.”

Brittany Walton Instagram post of her holding a cup of Starbucks coffeeWe can’t even, either.

Brittany Walton Instagram

Things got a little dicey in Saskatchewan.

Brittany Walton Instagram post at a gas station in Saskatchewan

Several days later, Brittany arrived in Manitoba.

“Right from driving into Winnipeg I noticed the culture and diversity. It’s great to see a city be so welcoming to people of all backgrounds and cultures, and bring them together in one place. I’m also very thankful I moved here during the summer; I’m not prepared for that minus 40 weather quite yet.”

Brittany Walton Instagram post of her at the Manitoba border

The Campus Living staff were ready for her arrival.

“From day one, everyone has gone out of their way to help me learn about the city, the university, and my role within the department. Everyone is a wealth of knowledge in their own way, and it’s great to see a department so committed to making positive change, and creating an inclusive and accessible environment for all of their students, staff and faculty.”

Brittany Walton Instagram post in the Campus Living office

What does Brittany hope to accomplish in her new role?

“Short term, I want to learn about the school and the resources it provides, mostly so that in turn, I can pass these resources along to the students I meet to encourage a positive experience unique to the person. Long term, I want to develop as a professional in student affairs, and grow as a young professional. Similarly, I want to inspire university students to chase after what they want, and never settle for anything less.”

(She’ll also need to update her hoodie.)

Brittany Walton Instagram post of her standing next to The University of Winnipeg sign

Welcome, Brittany!

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