Winnipeg Aboriginal Film & Video Festival: All Events Free, Many on Campus

The 5th Annual Winnipeg Aboriginal Film & Video Festival runs until Sunday, November 26 with The University of Winnipeg serving as a main hub of activity for Aboriginal student workshops and the nearly 100 films being screened.

Sessions on acting, directing and make-up, and film screenings, are taking place at The University of Winnipeg main campus and at the University’s Wii Chiiwaakanak Learning Centre, 509-511 Ellice Avenue, as well as at other locations around the downtown.

A free presentation of the Clint Eastwood Second World War feature film Flags of Our Fathers kicked off the festival November 23. Courtesy of Paramount Pictures and Dreamworks Productions SKG, the Adam Beach film was screened in the Globe Cinema Theatres, 3rd Floor, Portage Place.

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