When I Moved to Manitoba: the Strange, the Cold and the Friendly

When I Moved to Manitoba: the Strange, the Cold and the Friendly is a lively evening of sharing experiences of immigrating to Manitoba — the good, the challenging, and the heart-warming, on Thursday, September 28 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm, in Eckhardt Gramatté Hall. This is Global College’s 2017 Igbo Educational Lecture. Red Threads of Peace will bring stories and memories to life through playback theatre, which uses interactive improv as a lens for seeing experiences more clearly and deeply.

Dr. Dean Dean Peachey, ©UWinnipeg

Dr. Dean Dean Peachey, ©UWinnipeg

“This year’s ‘lecture’ is not a speech for you to endure and clap politely at the end, but rather the type of teaching that I enjoy most — bringing people together, drawing upon knowledge of everyone in the audience, and having some fun in the process,” said Dr. Dean Peachey, Global College, who is presenting this year’s Igbo lecture.

Since 2006, UWinnipeg’s Global College has presented the Igbo Educational Lecture Series (IELS) lead by Dr. Michael Eze (chemistry). IELS is a series on peace-building in a multicultural society. The relevance of this is founded on the fact that peace and related phenomena (human rights, human security, social justice, harmony, etc) enable the realization and optimization of human potential in any society.

The lecture series is organized and run by the Umunna (Igbo) Cultural Association of Manitoba Inc in collaborative partnership with the UWinnipeg Global College. The initiative arose from the vision of the Honourable Dr. Rey Pagtakhan, the founding Director of the Global College; and Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, past UWinnipeg President. Participants include students, faculty, other institutions, and ethnocultural communities, as well as the general public. 

This event is sponsored by UWinnipeg’s Global College, Umunna Igbo Cultural Association of Manitoba Inc, and Red Threads.

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