Wab Kinew’s Choice Wins Canada Reads 2014

Wab Kinew and authour Joseph-Boyden

Wab Kinew and author Joseph-Boyden

Wab Kinew, UWinnipeg’s Director of Indigenous Inclusion, has successfully championed the winner of  Canada Reads 2014, a nation-wide competition that seeks to determine “what book could change the nation…or even the world?”

Kinew argued on behalf of The Orenda by Joseph Boyden, a novel is described as a visceral portrait of life at a crossroads in early Canadian history. It is about the arrival of a Jesuit missionary into the life of a Huron elder and a gifted young Iroquois girl.

Other Canada Reads panelists included philanthropist Stephen Lewis, two-time Olympic gold medalist Donavan Bailey, comic/actor Samantha Bee, and actor Sarah Gadon.

Wab Kinew and Joseph Boyden will be  on Q with host Jian Ghomeshi on CBC Radio Friday, March 7, 2014 at 10 am.



  • Tannis Whitford said...

    Congratulations! I heard only 5 minutes of the program on CBC Thursday morning and am not surprised that The Orenda by Joseph Boyden won. I really wanted to read it after hearing the 25 second description by Wab Kinew. I am definitely going to look for the book.

  • Tamara said...

    I bought the book from Coles since EVERY library’s copies were signed-out, so far though it’s been very compelling.