Wab Kinew on literary short-list

wab-kinewThe University of Winnipeg community congratulates Wab Kinew, Associate Vice-President, Indigenous Affairs, for being short-listed for a prestigious literary prize for his work of non-fiction, The Reason You Walk.  Good luck Wab!

Read the story here.


  • Len Flett said...

    It took a tremendous amount of courage to write this book which is viscerally written from a very personal viewpoint. It accurately reflects the complicated relationships we stumble through as we try to make our way through life without fully understanding the generational affects of Indian Residential schools. Congratulations on a well-deserved nomination.

  • Kevin Brown said...

    Why is the name of the prize not mentioned in the first sentence?

    “a prestigious literary prize” sounds intentionally obscure.

    Wab Kinew is a prominent figure in First Nations matters and this nomination is both well-deserved and a testament to the power of memory and word.