Valedictorian – Jehu Peters – Faculty of Education

Jehu Peters

Jehu Peters

A passionate educator and eloquent communicator, Jehu Peters is graduating from UWinnipeg’s five year integrated Bachelor of Education/Bachelor of Science program. He majored in math, with a minor in physics. The son of a teacher, Peters drew on his own experience as a peer tutor in high school when he decided to pursue a career in the field of education. He came to The University of Winnipeg highly motivated to learn, having spent a year in the work force after graduating as an honour roll student from the International Baccalaureate program at Miles MacDonell Collegiate.

Studious and dedicated, Peters continued to work as a tutor throughout his undergraduate career, and as a teaching assistant. He has also served as a mentor and tutor in the Student Success Initiative at Elmwood High School, and is currently working as an instructor for students in UWinnipeg’s Access Education Programs.

His many accomplishments include co-authoring a paper that has been accepted (currently in revision) by the journal The Mathematics Teacher; which outlines a project Peters undertook with students at Children of the Earth High School. Utilizing Gephi, a network visualization tool, Peters traced the close connections between the First Nations communities the students came from, and discovered 90% of them belonged to the same large super cluster network of communities. Peters is also proud of how well his three-person math problem solving team performed at the 18th Annual NCS/MAA Team Contest in 2013, earning an impressive tenth place finish out of 83.

The awards Peters has earned include the Joyce Aitken Scholarship in Education, Academic Proficiency Scholarship (Winnipeg Rh Institute), Evelyn Mills Memorial Scholarship, Dr. Jessie Blackwood Lang Scholarship, Allan J. Ryckman Memorial Scholarship, R. Fletcher Argue Scholarships and the Patty Kirk Scholarship in Education.

While Peters is readying himself to begin his career as a teacher, he also has his sights set on graduate studies in math education. A meticulous problem solver, he would like to gain practical experience in the classroom prior to attempting pedagogical research that would involve more rigorous testing of educational theories.


  • Rachel Hunter said...

    Congratulations Jehu!! You are an amazing math teacher and you will do great things for students and for the future math curriculum! You are so positive and a great instructor with a lot of patience. Because of you, I am “getting” math for the first time in my life!! Thank-you!!!

  • Carmen CIUBOTARIU said...

    Jehu’s bio is identical to mine, shifted in the past by 20 years and shifted in space to Romania,France,Montreal,Lethbridge,Calgary,Vancouver and Ottawa.It’s just that my accent closed so many doors to me till now. Is UofWinnipeg a better place for newer Canadians?

  • Don Metz said...

    Congratulations Jehu, well deserved with great accomplishments. All the best, don.

  • Chris Eccles said...

    Congratulations Jehu, you are an amazing teacher and thank you for helping CATEP students like myself get through math!