UWinnipeg student wins at ACUNS

Julia Antonyshyn, ©photo supplied

Julia Antonyshyn, photo supplied

Climate change is considered one of the major challenges of our time. 

UWinnipeg’s Julia Antonyshyn is currently researching the role learning plays in adapting to climate change. Antonyshyn is a third-year environmental studies student, senior research assistant with the Environment and Society Research Group (ESRG), and a former Marsha P. Hanen Scholar. 

Her research examines how partnerships and collaboration facilitate learning among northern communities, industry, and government involved in renewable natural resource development  mainly energy and forestry. She is working with UWinnipeg’s Dr. Ryan Bullock and Dr. Alan Diduck, who are both in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, and hold a five-year, $255,000 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada grant for the “Climate Learning and Adaptation for Northern Development” (C-LAND) project.

“I have been collecting data for a systematic review of peer-reviewed research on learning, adaptive capacity, and environmental governance partnerships,” explained Antonyshyn. This past weekend she presented her undergraduate research at the Association of Canadian Universities for Northern Studies (ACUNS) Conference in Edmonton, AB.

Antonyshyn won second place for best undergraduate oral presentation, which is impressive for a first time academic conference presenter.

“ACUNS is a main hub for emerging researchers interested in northern ecosystems and communities, making it an ideal forum for Julia to gain conference experience and share research results” explained Bullock. “Julia continues to play a central role in our group and her willingness to present at this mainly graduate student conference illustrates her self-confidence and abilities.”

Antonyshyn will be continuing with the C-LAND project and is scheduled to undertake field work for her senior thesis in summer 2019. 

Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg
P: 204.988.7130, E: n.ibrahim@uwinnipeg.ca

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