UWinnipeg professor wins two elections to scientific societies

Dr. Chris Wiebe

Dr. Chris Wiebe, photo credit: Dan Harper

Professor Dr. Christopher Wiebe was recently elected President of the Canadian Institute for Neutron Scattering (CNIS).  CINS is a not-for-profit, voluntary organization that represents the Canadian scientific community of neutron beam users and promotes scientific research using neutron beams.

Neutron scattering is a versatile and powerful technique for research in materials of all kinds. Pioneered in Canada in the 1950s, neutron scattering continues to play a valuable role in Canadian science, allowing scientists to explore the structure and dynamics of materials down to atomic length scales.  Canada is an international leader in neutron science, as evidenced by a Nobel Laureate in this technique (Bert Brockhouse) and the continued impact of many scientists trained in Canada at Chalk River.

Wiebe was also elected Chair of the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory’s User Committee.  The Magnet Lab’s Users Committee represents the laboratory’s broad multidisciplinary user community and advises the lab’s leadership on all issues affecting users of their facilities.  Wiebe’s research group uses the high magnetic field facilities to probe magnetic materials synthesized in the PRIME lab at the UWinnpeg.

“I am pleased to have a leadership role in both communities,” states Wiebe.  “I am fortunate to have the freedom to pursue such opportunities from my Canada Research Chair and strong support of my department.  Both neutron scattering and high magnetic field research are essential to my program, and I am looking forward to ensuring that these techniques continue to flourish in Canada and abroad.”

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