UWinnipeg home to new Canada Research Chair in Human-Environment Interactions

Dr. Ryan Bullock, photo supplied

Dr. Ryan Bullock, photo supplied

New collaborative laboratory for environment and society research to open on campus

The federal government has announced a major investment in environmental research at The University of Winnipeg, with the appointment of Dr. Ryan Bullock as Canada Research Chair in Human-Environment Interactions. Bullock’s chair is a Tier II award valued at $500,000 over a five-year term.

Using a transdisciplinary approach, Bullock’s team aims to better understand the dynamics of environmental resource governance systems — particularly how societies prepare for and respond to social-ecological crises, economic transition, and environmental change. By examining how Indigenous and non-Indigenous communities, governments, and firms perceive, innovate, and adapt to social-ecological changes, the research will help develop policy and train local leaders to sustainably co-manage Canada’s northern regions.

“My research leadership goal has always been to build knowledge and relationships for societal benefit, and conducting applied research to support northern and Indigenous adaptation to environmental and social disturbances addresses a sure and current need,” said Bullock, Associate Professor, Environmental Studies and Sciences. “I am very privileged to have this opportunity to continue working with our community partners, and I am proud to represent UWinnipeg.”

Alongside the chair, UWinnipeg has received funding from the Canada Foundation for Innovation and Research Manitoba to open the Environment and Society Collaborative Laboratory (ENSO Co-Lab). This new learning space is designed to support research and knowledge mobilization in environmental and social change, and will include a project room with smart technologies, six workstations, and a resource centre. Users and partners will also have access to a secure online platform containing boreal case information that will be developed over the course of the research.

“Dr. Bullock is an accomplished researcher and is well deserving of this prestigious Canada Research Chair position,” said Dr. Jino Distasio, Vice-President, Research and Innovation, UWinnipeg. “The collaborative research that will take place in the new ENSO Co-Lab directly aligns with our institution’s commitments to sustainability and Indigenization. We look forward to the research and training from both this chair and learning space.”

This is the third Canada Research Chair awarded to UWinnipeg’s Environmental Studies and Sciences department, following Dr. Charles Wong’s chair in Ecotoxicology (2008 – present) and Dr. Jacques Tardif’s chair in Dendrochronology (2002 – 2012).

The University currently hosts five chair holders:

  • Dr. Charles Wong — Canada Research Chair in Ecotoxicology (Environmental Studies and Sciences, Chemistry)
  • Dr. Jeff Martin — Canada Research Chair in Fundamental Symmetries in Subatomic Physics (Physics)
  • Dr. Christopher Wiebe — Canada Research Chair in Quantum Materials Discovery (Chemistry)
  • Dr. Angela Failler — Canada Research Chair in Culture and Public Memory (Women’s & Gender Studies)
  • Dr. Ryan Bullock — Canada Research Chair in Human-Environment Interactions (Environmental Studies and Sciences)

A reception in honour of Dr. Bullock will be held on Friday, January 12, 2018 at the UWinnipeg campus (Room 2M70) from 12:30 – 1:30 pm.


Adam Campbell, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg,

P: 204.988.7671, E: ad.campbell@uwinnipeg.ca


  • Leanne Bullock Ryan said...

    A big congratulations to you Ryan and your colleagues at UW for this amazing accomplishment. Your enthusiasm and hard working nature inspires me.

  • Leland C. Bullock said...

    Congratulations Dr Ryan. Many years of hard work are paying off. I am sure UWinnipeg and in fact all of Canada will benefit from your dedication and that of your team and partners.

    Very Proud

  • Paul Lawrie said...

    Congrats Ryan!

  • Tim Johnston said...

    Congratulations Ryan!

  • Linda P Farrow Bullock said...

    Congratulations to you, Ryan, and your team and co-workers. The many years of diligent work and dedication, and your respect for your chosen discipline has earned a great benefit for you and your University. And, as you know – I am so proud.

  • Paulette Lockwood said...

    So very proud of you and your accomplishments..Congratulations!.

  • Peter Grant said...

    Congratulations Ryan!

  • Steve Farrow said...

    Congratulations Ryan, I am so pleased at your academic success. It sounds exciting and interesting!
    Go Jets! Very exciting Ryan. Anxious to hear what comes next.
    Steve (and Pam)

  • Bonnie Farrow said...

    How very wonderful for you Ryan, and your team. So proud of you. Auntie Bonnie xo

  • Liam said...

    Hi Uncle Ryan –
    Good job!
    From Liam Ryan

    • Ryan Bullock said...

      Thanks Liam!

  • Kristine Johnston said...

    Roll all of the above comments into our comment for you to know how very proud we are of you, Ryan. Bravo bravisimo!!!! Jimmie is so impressed – he has always respected you for the person you have been and continue to become.

  • Lisa & Bruce Sneesby said...

    Congratulations Ryan!

  • Ryan Bullock said...

    Wow, thanks everybody! I really appreciate your support.

  • Janet Turner said...

    Congratulations Ryan, well deserved 🙂

  • Melanie McGillis said...

    This is amazing news!! So happy that one of the best profs I’ve had at UofW, is being recognized in such an amazing way!!

    Congrats Ryan!!