The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness at UWinnipeg

The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness exhibition

The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness exhibition

The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness exhibition is a thought provoking collection of arresting images and personal narratives exploring forgiveness in the face of atrocity will be at UWinnpeg in Riddell Hall from September 14-25. This is made possible thanks to UWinnipeg’s Global College in cooperation with Rotary 5550 World Peace Partner and also takes place during Rotary Peace Days.

First launched in London in 2004, it has since been displayed in over 550 venues worldwide. Drawing together voices from South Africa, America, Israel, Palestine, Northern Ireland and England, the exhibition examines forgiveness as a healing process, a path out of victim hood and, ultimately, a journey of hope.

“Forgiveness is complicated,” explained Dr. Dean Peachey, Executive Director, Global College. “Forgiveness is sometimes easy, sometimes impossibly difficult. All of us have relationships that need forgiveness. The power of this exhibition lies in the diversity of experiences that are represented.”

Forgiveness cuts public opinion down the middle like a guillotine. It is a word that inspires and affronts in equal measure. To some, it is weak and offensive, while to others it is a form of self-defiance, the only way to live with the past without being held captive by it. These stories show the highly personal, diverse and complex nature of forgiveness.

The F Word exhibition was created by The Forgiveness Project, an organization that uses personal stories to explore how concepts of reconciliation, conflict resolution and dialogue can be used to break cycles of violence and restore hope.

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