The art and science of psychology

This profile is part of our Education with Impact series. Find out how you can make a difference by studying psychology at The University of Winnipeg here.

Raven Rickner has always been interested in people — the way they behave, the way they think, and the way they interact. She decided to study psychology at UWinnipeg because it seemed like the perfect combination of her interests in art and science.

“For me, psychology is the perfect combination of scientific integrity and human observation,” Rickner said. “It’s a field that offers so much diversity in a variety of areas; as a result, getting a degree in Psychology can consist of so many different disciplines.”

She is a fourth-year Honours student in the Department of Psychology and is minoring in sociology. She is currently working on finishing her undergraduate thesis on workplace bullying and harassment in the area of social psychology.

The psychology program at UWinnipeg gives students an interdisciplinary experience, with courses on social, developmental, clinical psychology and everything in between.

“The degree itself forces you to take a variety of courses in these areas so that you can experience psychology in a well-rounded way,” Rickner said.

When Rickner graduates this year, she is planning to take a year-off to to work on academic projects and prepare for graduate school. In the future, she’s considering a career in industrial-organizational psychology — a field that focuses on workplace productivity and mental well-being among employees.

“As an advocate of mental health awareness, I’m incredibly interested in workplace experiences,” she said. “I think it’s important to understand the ways in which people best work happily and effectively in order to create more positive work environments.”

Rickner’s favourite part of the psychology department at UWinnipeg is the supportive faculty, staff and students — as well as the University of Winnipeg Psychology Students’ Association.


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