Students & Seniors Create Synergy in Downtown Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg has had a long-standing, successful and mutually-beneficial relationship with Lions Manor at Sherbrook Street & Portage Avenue. For the past five years, the University has leased three floors at the Lions Manor for student housing providing 63 residence spaces for its students.

These floors-constructed in a rooming-house style with shared kitchens and communal washrooms-have become less desirable to seniors over the years. At the same time, the University has experienced a growing demand for housing near its downtown campus, particularly from students from rural and Northern Manitoba, as well as for out-of-province and International students.

UWinnipeg has explored additional student housing options in the vicinity of its campus, and has a developed an innovative model with Lions Manor where students and seniors share space — a model that has worked well. This mutually beneficial union has allowed UWinnipeg to meet its growing demand for housing and has created a revenue stream for Lions Manor.

“The synergy created between the University and Lions Manor that resulted in a five year agreement still stands today,” said Bill Balan, Vice-President (Finance & Administration.) “The University of Winnipeg continues to have needs for additional student housing and Lions Manor continues to hold housing options that are no longer desirable or in demand by seniors. Lions Manor indicated that it had available room for students that reflected their excess inventory. The relationship with Lions Manor meets the needs of students and helps provide financial stability for Lions.”

UWinnipeg looks forward to expanding the agreement which will see three additional floors with 42 new student housing spaces leased to UWinnipeg effective this Fall, creating a total of 105 spaces for students from rural and Northern Manitoba, as well as for out-of-province and International students.

However, Balan emphasized that The University of Winnipeg has not, nor would it ever contemplate, requiring seniors to leave their homes.

“It is our understanding, consistent with the letter sent by Lions Manor to its residents, that the residents would be relocated in other Lions Manor suites or properties,” he said.

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