Sir William Stephenson Scholar – Taylor Hanson

Taylor Hanson, ©UWinnipeg

Taylor Hanson, ©UWinnipeg

Two very accomplished women in science have earned the prestigious Sir William Stephenson Scholarships for this academic year. Taylor Hanson and Megan Rutherford are both in their final year of study at UWinnipeg. Both share a record of achieving academic success and demonstrating extensive community service and volunteerism — which is integral to winning this $7,500 scholarship.

Dr. Melanie Martin, photo courtesy of UWinnipeg

Dr. Melanie Martin, photo courtesy of UWinnipeg

“It is fantastic that two talented female scientists have won this year’s Stephenson award,” shared Dr. Melanie Martin, physics. “Both are dedicated students who have presented their research at many national physics and chemistry conferences and have been recognized for their work.”

Hanson discovered a passion for physics at UWinnipeg. 

As a member of the physics department she has had opportunities to explore the many branches and practical applications of physics, and has found a particular interest in the area of medical physics. 

Hanson is described as a model student by her thesis advisor and professor, Dr. Murray Alexander (physics). He also noted, “She is never afraid to try something new, a most desirable quality for a research career, and yet stays focused on the task.”

During this past summer, Hanson worked at CancerCare Manitoba where she focused on quality assurance applications pertaining to prostate radiation therapy patients. While at CancerCare she developed a software program to help improve the delivery and analysis of radiation treatments to patients. Her program will clinically be implemented in the months to come.

Besides her passion for medical physics, she is also committed to volunteering. Hanson has volunteered at the personal care home in Glenboro, MB, where she grew up. Since moving to Winnipeg to attend UWinnipeg, she has spent time at the Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter and at the Winnipeg Humane Society. 

Hanson plans to complete a PhD in medical physics with a continued focus on improving the lives of those affected by cancer.

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