Singing for scholarship pays off

Ukaladies Colleen Kwade + Tessa Rogowski

Ukaladies Colleen Kwade + Tessa Rogowski

WINNIPEG, MB – The UWinnipeg community was recently entertained at the highly popular Class Acts Nine event earlier this month. Faculty, staff, and friends of UWinnipeg unveiled their talents for an evening that covered a musical spectrum, intertwined with poetry and magic. The evenings talents raised more than $2,600 that all goes to the General Scholarship Fund. Class Acts would like to thank everyone for their participation on stage and the audience for attending.

This year’s performers included  Murray Evans, Tanis and Nick Kolisnyk, James Currie, Ukuladies (Colleen Kwade, Tessa Rogowski), Three Amigos (Neil Besner, Ed Byard, Ryan Bullock), Blasphemers (Angela Failler, Craig Willis), and “tweeners” by Paul Friesen.

“Class Acts Nine was again successful in raising funds to support UWinnipeg student opportunities,” shared Bullock, an organizer of the event. “The event draws together many different people who volunteer their energy, talent, and equipment to produce a unique and fun experience every time. Class Acts is a University tradition and we are proud to have ongoing support from the UWinnipeg community.”

Since its inception 16 years ago, this event has raised close to $30,000 to help UWinnipeg students.

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