Sexual violence policy at UWinnipeg supports survivors

In June 2018, The University of Winnipeg implemented its Sexual Violence Prevention Policy, which was approved after extensive consultation with UWinnipeg students, as well as the campus community.

The policy was required by provincial legislation and builds upon extensive work that UWinnipeg has already done. Students were directly involved in the writing of the policy and the University made extensive use of the student-developed “Our Turn” document, a national initiative.

The policy’s main focus is to support survivors of sexual violence. The policy is designed to create and support a culture of consent, and to provide information about sexual violence, which is defined in the policy and includes all forms of sexual harassment, sexual assault.

UWinnipeg has a response team in place to support survivors and ensure they can access the appropriate services. We ensure confidentiality at all stages of the process.

We are moving forward with training for administrators, faculty, students and staff. To date, approximately 1,800 students and parents/supporters have attended training during our fall orientations. Education sessions for staff and faculty, including senior administrators, are commencing in October and will be ongoing.

In addition to making a disclosure and seeking support, survivors have the option to report sexual violence. At the survivor’s request, we would investigate and take appropriate action. We would continue to support survivors and follow due process. If an investigation were to reveal that sexual violence has occurred, the perpetrator would face a range of consequences up to and including dismissal (employee) or expulsion (student). We cooperate with police at all times.

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