Outstanding student awarded Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship

Hannah Stirton, winner of the Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship

Hannah Stirton, winner of the Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship

Third-year biopsychology major Hannah Stirton says receiving the Chancellor W. John A. Bulman Scholarship is helping her to focus completely on school. Stirton, who is currently maintaining an average of 4.48 GPA, approaches her studies with balance in mind. The well-rounded student is also earning a minor in Religious Studies, and says she chose biopsychology because the interdisciplinary nature of the program reflects her own personality.

“I’ve also always had this fascination of the dichotomy between art and science. And I’ve always found that I’m not limited specifically to either of those areas.” Stirton says she is also curious about the “biological underpinnings of behaviour,” and with its mix of hard science and psychology concepts, biopsychology was a natural fit.

Up until this point, Stirton has worked during the school year to help support her education, first as a lifeguard and swim instructor, and more recently as a teacher’s assistant in physiological psychology and as a genetics lab demonstrator. With a particularly busy semester, she is pleased the scholarship assistance is allowing her to focus more on her studies, although she has deeply valued her work experience, particularly in the classroom setting.

“I’ve learned that I do have a passion for teaching, and helping people,” she says, adding that although she isn’t certain of her future plans, which may include a profession in clinical neuropsychology, teaching in a university setting has great appeal.

Stirton has also stayed busy in the summer months, with activities that have included working as an an Undergraduate Researcher at UManitoba, and volunteering at Camp Quality, a camp for kids with cancer. She is also passionate about speaking French, having graduated from high school with a French Immersion Diploma, and taken part in a field exchange course with UWinnipeg’s Religion and Culture Department that saw her travel to Bordeaux, France.

She is moved by all the awards she has earned since coming to UWinnipeg, which also include the Charles R. Newcombe Scholarship (Religion and Culture): 2014/2015, Dr. A.R. Cragg Scholarship in Psychology: 2014/2015, Academic Proficiency Scholarship (Herbert L. Draper Fund): 2014/2015, Chemistry Faculty Scholarship: 2013/2015, Roderick O.A. Hunter Memorial Scholarship: 2013/2014 – 2014/2015, NSERC Undergraduate Student Research Award: Summer 2014, and University of Winnipeg’s Presidents Award of Merit for Science: 2012/2013.

Stirton says she is grateful to have earned the W. John A. Bulman Scholarship, and to her, the awards mean much more than just financial support, because it shows “…there are people supporting me, encouraging me, telling me they want me to keep going forward. Honestly, that’s the most important thing for me, getting recognized for all the work I’m doing.”

The W. John A Bulman Scholarship was established in 1997 to honour Dr. John A. Bulman for his many years of service on the Board of Regents (1967-82) including two years as chair (1977-79), and 12 years as Chancellor (1984-96). It is awarded to an outstanding student or students in any undergraduate degree program. Hannah Stirton is one of two students who received $3250.00 for this academic year.

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