New Wes Lee coyote one nimble and happy mascot

WINNIPEG, MB – To much fanfare and applause, a new and improved Wes Lee Coyote emerged from his den today, just in time to help celebrate the upcoming 50th anniversary Wesmen Classic.

The old Wes Lee, who was 105 in coyote years, served The University of Winnipeg Wesmen Teams with good cheer and loyalty, attending more than 1,000 events since 2001. He has now gracefully retired to watch sports on his big screen TV.

From Wesmen Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Wrestling and Baseball, Wes Lee Coyote attends more than 50 games and events each year. There is much traveling, improvisation, and it takes tremendous physical stamina. The new costume, produced by Sugars Mascot Costumes, includes a hand sculpted head with battery operated ventilation fan and cooling vest system, inner body padding,  new fur and tail, mascot gloves and “walkabout” mascot sneaker feet.

“The new Wes Lee is much lighter with better visibility and that means he can be more nimble as he dances and does stunts and fires up the crowd,” said Dave Crook, UWinnipeg’s Acting Athletic Director. “We are excited to bring Wes Lee into the fold and look forward to a howlin’ good time with him at our games.”

In addition to the costume, Wes Lee now has a custom made, water-resistant carrying bag to get to and from events.

Wes Lee the elder retires to life of leisure - staff photo

Wes Lee the elder retires to life of leisure – staff photo

Wes Lee made his first public appearance today flanked by Manitoba’s Premier, Brian Pallister, and MLA and former Wesmen Basketball star, Kevin Chief, to announce details of the 50th Wesmen Classic which takes place December 27 to 30, 2016 in the Duckworth Centre. This kicks off a year of celebrations throughout 2017 as The University of Winnipeg celebrates its 50th anniversary.

The idea of a coyote mascot was Bill Wedlake’s, former UWinnipeg Athletic Director, and Wes Lee Coyote made his first proud appearance as our mascot in 2001. The name Wes Lee honours our heritage, Wesley College.

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Diane Poulin, Senior Communications Specialist, The University of Winnipeg

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