New book on the case of Russia is published

Dr. Ray Silvius ©UWinnipeg

Dr. Ray Silvius ©UWinnipeg

UWinnipeg’s Dr. Ray Silvius has published his new book, Culture, Political Economy and Civilisation in a Multipolar World Order, The Case of Russia.  This book part of the Routledge RIPE Series in Global Political Economy.

In this book, Silvius demonstrates how Russia’s multifaceted rejection of American unipolarity and de-territorialised neo-liberal capitalism has contributed to multipolarity in the global political economy. Analysing Western world order precepts via the actions of a powerful, albeit precarious, national political economy and state structure situated on the periphery of Western world order, Silvius explores the manner in which culture and ideas are mobilised for the purposes of national, regional and international political and economic projects.

“My intention with this research is to consider the ways in which historical ‘world order concepts’ derived from English language scholarship and American global governance practices are being challenged in a multipolar global political economy,” shared Silvius.

Silvius is  interested in changes within the global political economy brought about by rising non-Western political economies. He uses a heterodox and historical approach to international relations and international political economy to examine how ideas about culture and civilization constitute contemporary Russian state projects, non-Western regional political and economic architectures, and post-Western conceptions of the global political economy.

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