Maples Collegiate grad wins $5,000 tuition fee credit from UWinnipeg

Maples Collegiate graduate Navreen Gill © UWinnipeg

Maples Collegiate graduate Navreen Gill © UWinnipeg

It wasn’t a call she was expecting – not while she was busy touring the Toronto Zoo anyway. Navreen Gill was on vacation with her family when she found out she is the recipient of this year’s $5,000 tuition fee credit from UWinnipeg.

Navreen has already registered for her fall/winter courses and the $5,000 prize will cover the cost of all her tuition and fees. She is planning to major in biochemistry but is looking forward to studying a variety of subjects offered by the Faculty of Science.

This past June, Navreen graduated from Maples Collegiate, where, in addition to enjoying subjects like biology, chemistry and math, she also participated in Habitat for Humanity, the student council and a program for newly arrived refugees. If that didn’t keep her busy enough, she also played rugby with the Maples Marauders.

Navreen credits her science teachers, like Mr. Buffie and Ms. Jones, for stoking her interest in the science lab and in biochemistry. In addition to the science courses she’ll be taking, Navreen is excited about university life in general.

“I’m looking forward to growing as a person,” she said. “There are so many things out there to explore, people from around the world… how different I’m going to be after I learn all this stuff!”

Navreen became eligible for the tuition credit when she filled out a UWinnipeg VIP card after the presentation at her high school last fall. She says she wasn’t expecting to win when she saw all of the other cards in the collection bin, but someone was going to, “so I might as well give it a shot.”

Good thing she did.

If you are a current high school student and you would like to enter your name for the next $5,000 tuition credit draw, simply fill out a VIP card after the presentation at your high school, or come to campus for a tour, or at Future Student Night (November 29) , or Open House (February 21).

If you would like more information about UWinnipeg programs or the tuition credit prize draw, please email

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