Interactive display tested on UWinnipeg’s Buhler Centre

Buhler Centre Interactive Building Projection from PO-MO Inc. on Vimeo.

On Halloween night, pedestrians walking down Portage Avenue can were part of a unique interactive art display at The University of Winnipeg’s Buhler Centre.

UWinnipeg’s Faculty of Business and Economics teamed up with PO-MO, a Winnipeg-based interactive technology company that placed sensors on the sidewalk to detect motion and control balls that were projected onto the building wall above street level.

As passers-by waved their hands, they saw outlines of themselves interacting with the balls and were able to “throw” them around like billiard balls. The virtual balls not only interacted with the people but also with the physical building, flowing around the windows and bouncing off the iconic ‘fins’ for which the Buhler Centre is known.

The University of Winnipeg tested this display as part of an initiative into advanced technology and learning, with the goal to create smarter classrooms and intelligent buildings. The virtual balls were projected from the top of the Rice building.

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