Guess Who’s Coming to UWinnipeg? Lauren Sears

wesmen-logoNova Scotia Wesmen Recruit to make UWinnipeg new home

Newly recruited Lauren Sears hails from Nova Scotia. She is making her way West this September to join the Wesmen Women’s Volleyball Team and to pursue a Bachelor of Science in Biopsychology.

Lauren’s athleticism, strength and competitive edge have helped to propel her to being a top athlete in her field with several options from which to choose.

“I checked out all of my options and decided that UWinnipeg seemed like the best place for me,” said Sears. “It’s a smaller university. I think that it will be a closer-knit community with lots of individual attention from my professors. I think UWinnipeg also offers a great education, as it was voted one of the Top 10 undergrad universities in Canada.”

Her academic choice works well for the Wesmen Women’s Volleyball Team too.

“We are very pleased to have Lauren join our volleyball program,” said Wesmen Head Coach Diane Scott. “She is a smart young athlete who is keen to learn and willing to try new things. She has a competitive attitude, natural leadership ability and a strong work ethic. I expect Lauren to continue to develop and that she will have an opportunity to contribute right away.”

Sears looks forward to playing on the team.

“I’m excited to start playing for the Wesmen and compete in one of the strongest volleyball conferences in Canada,” explained Sears.

But Sears is more than just sports talk. She plans to complete a bachelor of science degree at UWinnipeg while playing volleyball.

“I’m interested in Biopsychology because I love sciences,” said Sears. “I find biology very intriguing. I think that the connection between body and mind is what made me choose this field. I’m eager to learn what makes people think and feel the way they do. I think I could take science anywhere but I believe that UWinnipeg has one the stronger science programs available.”

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