FAQ: Potential Transit Service Interruption

The University is aware that an interruption of transit service will have a significant impact on UWinnipeg students and staff. There is no way of knowing in advance when an interruption may occur or how long it may last. We hope there will not be an interruption of service. Please refer to the information below. Click here to see a statement from the UWSA.

Q: How do people normally get to UWinnipeg’s campus?

A:  A 2018 commuter survey administered to UWinnipeg students, faculty and staff reported that approximately 50 percent of respondents use Winnipeg Transit each day and 25 percent walk, cycle, or carpool to and from campus. Twenty-two percent of respondents reported driving to work alone each day.

Q: How can I get to campus without transit bus service?

A: The University of Winnipeg is centrally located — which enables many people to walk or cycle to campus. Other options include ride-sharing, carpooling, getting a ride, or driving.

Q: Where can I park my bike on campus?

A: UWinnipeg has two types of bike parking: closed-access and open-access (free) parking. There are nearly 300 free spaces available in total — located in the courtyard near Centennial Hall, at the Buhler Centre, and at the Richardson science complex.

Q: What is closed-access bike parking, how much does it cost, and how do I get access?

A:  Bike parking is available inside UWinnipeg’s parking facilities for an annual rate of $10.50. The application for indoor parking is available here.

Q: How can I find people to carpool with me to campus?

A: Visit GoManitoba, which is a province-wide commuting tool that allows citizens from across Manitoba to connect and share commutes, save money, time and relieve traffic congestion.

Q: Where can I get picked up from campus with all that downtown traffic congestion?

A: There are a significant number of drop off/pick up zones around the campus perimeter — on Portage Avenue, Balmoral Street, and the Spence Street loop. These are marked with temporary signs, though maximum waiting times will be enforced to keep traffic moving.

Q: Will I get a refund on my U-Pass for the time that transit is unavailable?

The UWSA administers the U-Pass for students. Depending on the length of a service disruption, the UWSA and Winnipeg Transit will begin discussions to get a portion of your U-Pass refunded.
Q: Will classes be cancelled if there is a disruption in transit service?

A: At this time, all classes will proceed as scheduled. Any changes will be communicated via the University’s website.

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