Expectation Of Respectful Conduct On Campus

Yesterday afternoon, a group of protesters came to our campus with signs and pamphlets. While their presence was not sanctioned by the University, the walkway they occupied is legally deemed to be public space. As such, campus security services cannot intervene as long as the protesters are conducting themselves in accordance with our relevant policies and the law.  We have been advised that these protesters may be returning to campus today or at some future point.

The campus community is reminded that The University of Winnipeg has a Respectful Working and Learning Environment policy intended to support a climate of mutual respect in the workplace and learning environment so that members of the University community are free from harassment and discrimination. This policy applies to both members of our community as well as members of the public. 

Concerns of disrespectful conduct should be directed to Security Services and/or to the University’s Human Rights and Diversity Officer.

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