ERDE grad takes top prize in national essay contest

Chukwudi Ezeani, © UWinnipeg

Chukwudi Ezeani, © UWinnipeg

Chukwudi Ezeani, a recent graduate of the Master of Arts in Environmental, Resource and Development Economics (ERDE), won the top prize in the 2018 Progressive Economics Forum (PEF) essay contest. Ezeani competed in the graduate student category for his paper The Effect of Deregulation on the Cost of Electricity in the United States.

Papers in this contest were evaluated based on their consideration of political economy issues, economic theory or an economic policy issue, and whether they reflect “a critical approach to the functioning, efficiency, social and environmental consequences of unconstrained markets.”

“The results of this paper were surprising,” said Ezeani. “One would expect deregulation to lower electricity prices. However based on my empirical analysis, I find the opposite. What this tells us is that the history of electricity contracting in a state, or other jurisdiction, matters a great deal, and that state regulation may protect large-scale investment in capacity which serves to lower prices.”

A dedicated research assistant during his time in ERDE, Ezeani came to The University of Winnipeg after graduating from the University of Nigeria with a BSc in economics in 2012. In June he received the Graduate Student of Highest Distinction award for the for 2017-18 ERDE cohort.

Ezeani was recently accepted to the University Scholars Leadership Symposium at the United Nations in Bangkok, Thailand. He is currently working full-time as an economic analyst for Miles Consulting Services.

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