Dr. Annette Trimbee – inaugurated as UWinnipeg’s President and Vice-Chan..

Annette webPhoto by Cory Aronec: Dr. Annette Trimbee was inaugurated as UWinnipeg’s seventh  President and Vice-Chancellor,   September 22, 2014, Convocation Hall.


The University of Winnipeg’s Chancellor, Robert Silver, on behalf of the  Board of Regents, officially inaugurated UWinnipeg’s seventh President and Vice-Chancellor, on September 22, 2014, in front of a packed audience in Convocation Hall.

Dr. Trimbee has strong family roots in Winnipeg, having grown up in Transcona. She graduated from UWinnipeg with a Bachelor of Science in Biology in 1977 and says that experience laid the foundation for her academic and career successes.

At a special meeting on Tuesday, June 24, 2014, the Board of Regents appointed Dr. Trimbee to the position for a five-year term on the recommendation of the Presidential Search Committee.

“My top priority as President is to listen, to connect and to consult with a wide range of people. Collectively we’ll continue the trajectory that UWinnipeg is on and create a focus to carry us through the next five years.”

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Diane Poulin, Senior Communications Specialist, The University of Winnipeg

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  • Barb Shearer said...

    Welcome Dr.Trimbee,

    I too, found my wings at University of Winnipeg when I was a very young and naïve student. At that time, I was fresh out of high school and 17 years old and the only member of my family who completed high school, let alone go to university. My family was supportive of this “move on up” and I found my way to and at at the University of Winnipeg back in the 70’s. As Dr.Trimbee says of her own life journey; inspiring Professors, who challenged me to think and act in the world, made all of the difference. I went out from University of Winnipeg, living the social justice teachings of University of Winnipeg as a public school teacher, and now, I have returned; teaching future teachers in the University of Winnipeg’s Faculty of Education as an instructor, in the University of Winnipeg’s – ACCESS Program.

    Welcome Dr. Trimbee, and I for one, can attest to the fact, that it is good to come back home, to a University to that walks the walk of social justice.


    Barb Shearer

    • Annette Trimbee said...

      Thanks for the warm welcome Barb. I look forward to working with you. Your passion shines bright.


  • Janet (Rotondo) Joyce said...

    Welcome back Dr. Annette! Winnipeg is very lucky to have you here; congratulations on all of your accomplishments. Enjoy!

    • Annette Trimbee said...

      Thanks Janet! Look forward to catching up with you.

  • David Desharnais said...

    Congratulations Aunty Annette. I am extremely proud to call Annette my aunt. I too grew up in Transcona. Actually, Aunty Annette lived with my family when I was young, roughly around 1978, just a few years ago. My mother and her were very close sisters. She looked after my brother and in the mornings and dropped us off at the babysitters on her way to the bus to attend University. I always remember those times with her fondly, as well as the many trips to Edmonton to see her and Uncle Kevin. The last visit I had with her, my daughter and I showed up unannounced late one evening after a long drive from Prince George, and she gladly took us in to stay there a few days. She has always had a giving and caring heart. She is an amazing woman and I know that she will be a blessing to the UofW in so many ways. Our whole family here on Pender Island wish her ALL the best on this new adventure.

  • Annette Trimbee said...

    David- you an Danny were great kids to spend time with. Hope to see you and your family soon even though it is a much longer drive to my place.


    Aunty Annette

  • Bob Preiss said...

    Welcome Home Dr. Annette Trimbee!
    The University of Winnipeg and Winnipeg is very lucky to have you here. Congratulations on your appointment and on your many accomplishments.
    All the best to you! Bob

  • Ryan Bullock said...

    Dear Dr. Annette Trimbee,

    As Acting Chair of the Department of Environmental Studies & Sciences (DESS) I am pleased to welcome you back to The University of Winnipeg! My colleagues and I were pleased when we learned that you wanted to be affiliated with our department–very fitting given your strong environmental and policy background. As a department we are very committed to research and teaching that supports the development of highly qualified personnel and the types of practical solutions needed to solve today’s most significant environmental challenges.

    It is excellent to have you join UW as the incoming President and Vice-Chancellor. The depth and breadth of your leadership experience will be a great asset to the University community.

    See you on campus!

    Ryan (Dr. Ryan Bullock)