Documentary explores UWinnipeg’s hockey history

Screen capture from “Iced: The Lost History of Hockey at The University of Winnipeg” © Will Jones

Watch the full documentary online here.

Will Jones, a broadcast operator and media technician at The University of Winnipeg, has produced a documentary project that spans three eras of hockey history at the institution.

Iced: The Lost History of Hockey at The University of Winnipeg examines the earliest origins of hockey in Manitoba among the colleges of the University of Manitoba, circa 1898; the modern Wesmen teams of the 50s through early 80s; and the championship pedigree UWinnipeg women’s club team in the early 2000s. The film features interviews with players, coaches, and people with historical knowledge of the team.

Jones credits a 2007 article in The Uniter — along with his appreciation of the institution where he’s worked for more than 16 years — with sparking his interest in producing this documentary.

“I initially found very little on team history,” said Jones. “After speaking with professors I know well, I was set upon the United College Archives and research expanded from there — culminating in a three-year production timeline…Iced is truly a passion project.”

The film was released in October 2016 on MTS TV Stories From Home.

Iced will be screened in Eckhardt Gramatté Hall at the UWinnipeg campus on Friday, March 24 at 7:00 pm. Following the screening, Jones will moderate a short panel discussion that will include former Wesmen player Kim Kozak, former player and UWinnipeg economics professor Dr. Phil Cyrenne, and hockey historian/author Richard Brignall.


  • james said...

    this sounds really cool I’m hoping to make it on the 24th, i just wanted to comment that I had seen the posters yesterday around campus, and I don’t think there is a date on any of them! Maybe I just missed it but I was left wondering when it was so maybe others are as well if they didn’t see this web posting.

  • Craig Spencer said...

    I heard about this yesterday from Danny Blair who was presenting at a Climate Change seminar.
    As a 3 year alumni of Wesmen hockey in the 1970’s, I found it intriguing.
    There is an outside chance I shall attend and I thank Will Jones for his work.