UWinnipeg students to share their passion for mathematics

Mathematics and Statistics Student Association President Colin Krawchuk ©UWinnipeg

The University of Winnipeg’s Math and Statistics Student Association is using their education and passion for mathematics to give back to the community.

In partnership with Dufferin School and the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), the students’ association is running a math outreach event on May 10 at the elementary school.

Association president Colin Krawchuk said the goal of the day is to create an enthusiasm for math by showing that it can be fun to learn.

“In my experience, the math you learn in school is a lot different than the math you do in university, which is creative and abstract,” he explained. “So I thought if we could get together a bunch of students from the math department who could share their enthusiasm for math that it would be great for people who may not have learned to appreciate it yet.”

The day will consist of fun, accessible games and activities designed to help students develop a strong passion for the subject. NSERC provided $1,000 in funding to cover the cost of materials, food, and t-shirts for the event.

And Dufferin School was the perfect choice to host this outreach event due to the age range of their students and proximity to the University.

“We wanted an age group that could appreciate math, but where it was still somewhat new to them as well,” Krawchuk explained. “We also liked that it was nearby and gave us an opportunity to work with our local community. The teachers at Dufferin School were very excited about making this event happen, and have been incredibly supportive along the way.”

Anna Stokke, professor and department chair, applauded the students for using their time away from class to take initiative within the community.

“I am pleased that the Math and Statistics Student Association has taken the initiative to organize this outreach event,” she said. “It’s fantastic that our students are getting involved with math outreach and in building enthusiasm for mathematics in young children.”

If this event proves to be a success, Krawchuk, who’s moving onto graduate school in the fall, hopes someone can take over the event and make it an annual occurrence.

“I would love not only for this event to continue in our department, but also encourage other departments to become involved in this kind of community outreach,” he said.

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