Construction of new apartment complex begins

Architectural rendering of new apartment complex at 320 Colony

Architectural rendering of new apartment complex at 320 Colony

The University of Winnipeg is now preparing for construction of a new apartment complex that will offer much needed additional downtown rental options to students as well as the broader community. It will be located at 320 Colony Street, south of the Buhler Centre, and is expected to be complete in Summer 2016. The project is fully self-financed and supported via a loan guarantee from the Province; there will be no impact on UWinnipeg’s operating budget.

Some features of the new apartment complex:

  • 14 storeys, 112,000 square feet
  • 102 self-contained one, two, and three bedroom apartments
  • almost half (46 units) will have provincially-prescribed rent ceilings to ensure affordability
  • the remaining 56 apartments will be offered at market price, 18 of those designed as premium units with dedicated parking
  • an attractive indoor/outdoor community amenity area

Click here for additional information on the new building.

Construction site mobilization began earlier this week. Pile driving for the foundational work is anticipated to start on February 13 and last approximately three weeks. We understand this creates some unavoidable short-term noise and apologize for any inconvenience you may experience. Once this phase is over, normal construction activity will proceed throughout the winter.

Classroom Relocations

To mitigate the impact of construction noise on our students and faculty, arrangements are being made to relocate some classes from Buhler Centre to other buildings as per the following chart. Room change signs will be posted at all impacted classes by end of this week, and the Colleague  system also will be updated so that the new room assignments are reflected on WebAdvisor for the students.

MWF 09:30 – 10:20 LING-1001-001 M. Sahawneh 2BC55 2C14 Full Term
MWF 10:30-11:20 ECON-2101-002 S. Baksi 4BC55 3D01 3 Weeks
MWF 11:30-12:20 ECON-4203-001/    GECON-7203-001 S. Baksi 4BC57 3M65 3 Weeks
MWF 13:00-14:15 ACS-2814-001 R. McFadyen 3BC57 2D11 Full Term
MWF 13:30-14:20 THFM-1002-001 H. Malazdrewich 2BC55 1L04 Full Term
MWF 13:30-14:20 PHIL-2020-001 J. Muir 4BC55 3D04 Full Term
MWF 13:30-14:20 ECON-3308-001 P. Cyrenne 4BC57 2C15 3 Weeks
MW 14:30-15:45 GECON-7311-001 S. Baksi 3BC58 2C06 3 Weeks
MW 14:30-15:45 BUS-4220-002 D. Duval 4BC57 1D10 3 Weeks
TuTh 11:30-12:45 ENGL-1005-003 J. Scoles 2BC55 4CM13 Full Term
TuTh 11:30-12:45 ECON-1103-002 D. Ng 4BC55 4C40 3 Weeks
TuTh 11:30-12:45 BUS-3110-004 S. Chapman 4BC57 3M61 3 Weeks
TuTh 13:00-14:15 REL-2803-001 M. Ruml 3BC57 3D04 Full Term
TuTh 13:00-14:15 BUS-2440-006 K. Breward 4BC55 4C40 3 Weeks
TuTh 13:00-14:15 ENGL-1001-005 C. Fawcett 4C40 2C13 Full Term
TuTh 14:30-15:45 BUS-2103-003 I. Kyei-Poku 2BC55 2L17 3 Weeks
TuTh 14:30-15:45 HIST-2900-001 D. Gavrus 3BC55 5L24 Full Term
TuTh 14:30-15:45 GEOG-2316-001 C. Storie 5L24 CFIR –  4CM41 Full Term
TuTh 16:00-17:15 EALC-2721-001 J. Newmark 2BC55 2D12 Full Term
TuTh 16:00-17:15 BUS-3110-003 M. Breward 3BC57 4C60 3 Weeks

The new construction has brought about the closure of a parking lot behind the Buhler Centre for the duration of construction. Nearby parking options for those affected by this change include:

Health & RecPlex Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex 
  • underground (climate controlled)
  • access on Young Street
  • $3/hr | daily max $12 | $4 evening rate
  • 150 surface parking spots behind the building 599 Portage Ave. 
  • $2/hr  |  daily max $10 | $4 evening rate

We thank  the UWinnipeg community in advance for their patience and understanding while the construction of this new building adjacent to campus occurs.

Further updates will be shared with the UWinnipeg community as the project progresses. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Linda Palmer at 204.988.7110 or

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