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In honour of Valentine’s Day and The University of Winnipeg’s 50th anniversary, we asked students, staff, faculty, and alumni to share their campus romance stories with us on social media. The submissions were pretty amazing so we wanted to share a few of them here. To read more of the love-ly submissions, check out our posts on Facebook and Instagram.


Vassan Aruljothi

“Friday, 28 March, 2008. Spring Sizzler at the Bulman Centre, where Subcity Dwellers were rocking the crowd, I saw a pair of the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen and asked her to dance with me for just one song; but we went on for three.

After the song, I kissed her hands, and we parted. But fate would have it that the lead singer of Subcity and I are friends and she is his sister’s best friend. I got her number from him and called her.

Our first date was on April fool’s day, 2008. This year, it would be 9 years, and we are happily married with a cat. And I hated cats and vegetables, but have learned to love them now.

UW is not just about bricks and cements, it is about the people that go there and the relationships we all help to build.

I owe UWinnipeg my life.”

– via Facebook



“University of Winnipeg Biology class in 2012, met my friend and study partner. Him and I had the same classes so we studied a lot at the University, my house, his apartment. I became friends with his two roommates who attended U of M, one of his roommates and I became really good friends as well.

The more our friendship developed the more we learned about each other and I learned he had an older, good-looking, single, personal trainer brother! I was looking to start going to the gym more so I thought that meeting this brother of his would be awesome so I could get some tips and an exercise routine.

Well, I did meet his brother and after about month of talking, him making exercise plans for me and going to the gym we started dating and are still together! It will be 5 years this June!! Thank you U of W Biology for my education, friends and boyfriend.”

– via Instagram


“It was the end of fall. I had just gotten into the swing of things, learning to balance classes and the new responsibilities of living alone. As a first year student this was my first time experiencing all these new freedoms. I found myself having multiple classes on the 4th floor, so I spent a lot of time in the library and the cafeteria between classes.

I remember the day clearly. I was browsing the menu, not sure what I wanted for lunch. Then from the corner of my eye. I spotted her. I had seen quite a few beautiful beings in my day. But she was different. I got nervous. And I wanted to approach her. But I lost my nerve.

A week passed. She had been in the back of my mind throughout the whole week. I walked into the cafeteria to grab lunch. And my heart skipped a beat. There she was. As beautiful as I remembered her. I boldly walked forward and said hello. After some small talk. She and I walked to an empty table. I hesitated. But then I went for it. I took a bite. Filled with beans. Meat. And rice. And a whole wheat shell. I was in love. It was a pleasant combination of spice and flavour. Overall. It was a pretty good burrito. #foreveralone”

– via Instagram

Daniel Bennett

“Two years ago, I walked into my history of Canadian society class not expecting to come away with anything but a better understanding of our society. While I was pulling out my laptop in the back, the most beautiful, radiant girl that I had ever seen strolled in and sat down at the front of the class. My immediate thought was to make darn sure that I was going to sit beside her the next class. By the end of the first term I had managed to move my way up to the front until I was sitting right beside her.

Throughout the second term I would nervously try to make conversation with her, but because I apparently could not control the volume of my voice, nor would the words that came out of my mouth match the words I had thought of in my head, it didn’t go over to well for me.

Finally, one day while studying with a friend in Lockhart, I caught a break. When looking up from the papers I had been studying, sitting only a few tables away from me was that enchanting girl from my history class. After about an hour of nervously starring at the floor, trying to work up the courage to talk to this girl, I got up from my seat and walked over to her table. Wide eyed with an ear to ear grin I must have looked clinically insane as I said hello and asked for assistance with my Canadian history paper that I had forgotten we had already handed in the term prior, and was no longer due.

Never the less though, after talking for what seemed like forever, that beautiful girl agreed to go on a date with me. That was 2 years ago this Friday, so, the rest as they say is history.”

– via Facebook


Kimberly Lynn

“On my first day of university the boy sitting beside me in 2D11 asked if the syllabus was on nexus. Years later I found out he knew it wasn’t but that this was his in. We spent the term learning to juggle, hula hoop, unicycle and long jump together. Whenever we needed a partner in class, we turned to each other.

Thankfully our paths crossed after the class ended, in Duckworth again, and we have been dating ever since. Never did I think that my first friend from university would become my best friend in the world.”

– via Facebook

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