‘A Legacy of Impact’ highlights Trimbee’s time at UWinnipeg

After serving as President and Vice-Chancellor of The University of Winnipeg from 2014 – 2020, Dr. Annette Trimbee is stepping down from her role at the end of July to take the helm of MacEwan University in Edmonton.

While Trimbee’s accomplishments are too long to list, if there’s one certainty about her six years at UWinnipeg, it’s that she’s made an impact that will last a lifetime.

Her unique ability to lead was key in charting the University down a path of building a culture of support and inclusion, cultivating relationships and growing leaders, creating new student spaces, fostering partnerships and research with impact, and committing to reconciliation.

Trimbee was also instrumental in the creation of the institution’s five strategic directions, which are excellence and renewal; student experience and success; Indigenization; research excellence, knowledge mobilization, and impact; and financial and institutional resilience.

This special tribute to Dr. Trimbee provides an in-depth look at her time with UWinnipeg, insights from colleagues and partners, as well as a Q&A with the President herself.”


  • Di Brandt said...

    What a privilege to have been able to serve the University of Winnipeg community under the generous, bright, inclusive, inspirational, ethical, imaginative leadership of President Annette Trimbee. She will be greatly missed here. But we send best wishes to her for equally fulfilling opportunities and successes in her next appointment(s).

  • Tunde Ogunje said...

    Dr Trimbee took a seat beside me on the first day of our 2019 MDP orientation. I didn’t know who she was until much later. I admire her simplicity. I just love people who make difficult tasks look so simple and ordinary.

    Best of luck to you Dr. Annette Trimbee

  • Lee Anne Block said...

    Dr.Trimbee’s leadership was rooted in
    “power with”, as oopposed to”power over”.
    I will never forget being beside her as she carried the flag at Pride March. Also beside us was Cathrine Taylor, another leader who shared power. Dr. Trimbee was also Annette, a woman who understood that women in the Academy need to play as well as work.