Faculty of Science

Brewing up corny near-beer

  WINNIPEG, MB – A group of enterprising science professors and students have a vat of unusual mash fermenting in their University of Winnipeg lab: gluten-free near-beer made entirely with Manitoba-grown corn, plus a pinch of hops. “The project started when I read about a Japanese firm buying pea protein from a Manitoban company to …Read more >

Restoring the prairies one grass at a time

UWinnipeg student Hilary Pinchbeck’s research with Dr. Rafael Otfinowski in restoring the prairies one grass at a time earned her the top prize in Undergraduate Poster Presentation Award at the Parks and Protected Areas Conference.

New way of looking at disease

Dr. Renée Douville’s research on the relationship between our brains and ERVs could impact the way we treat diseases like ALS and schizophrenia.

Physics student presents particle research to world-leading scientists

A UWinnipeg physics student is working on an experiment that aims to smash the standard model of particle physics.

Why do pregnant women get sick?

UWinnipeg evolutionary biologist publishes major new research paper WINNIPEG, MB – Getting sick while pregnant is a sign that the embryo is healthy and mother is iodine sufficient, according to University of Winnipeg Professor Dr. Scott Forbes (Biology), whose research paper was just published in Evolution and Human Behavior. Globally iodine deficiency during pregnancy is …Read more >

UWinnipeg’s Wong awarded prestigious post in China

WINNIPEG, MB–Dr. Charles Wong, University of Winnipeg’s Canada Research Chair in Ecotoxicology, has been appointed Jinan University Chair Professor at the School of Environment of Jinan University, Guangzhou, People’s Republic of China. This endowed three-year visiting professorship, which begins November 2016, is designed to attract outstanding researchers with an international reputation to share their expertise …Read more >

Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change

Filmmaker and prof Dr. Ian Mauro heads to international conference in Marrakesh as invited speaker WINNIPEG, MB –University of Winnipeg award-winning academic filmmaker and Associate Professor (Geography) Dr. Ian Mauro is heading to Marrakesh, Morocco later this week to speak at an international conference on Indigenous Knowledge and Climate Change. The conference is hosted by …Read more >

UWinnipeg batgirl earns award in Texas

Around 400 bat biologists from around the world gathered at the North American Symposium for Bat Research including UWinnipeg’s Dr. Craig Willis and his student Emma Kunkel.

UWinnipeg Professor earns 2016 Sustainability Award

WINNIPEG, MB – Sometimes you have to fight to make the world a better place; other times, a well-crafted feasibility study will do. Dr. Alan Diduck, who is UWinnipeg’s Acting Associate Dean of Science and a professor in the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences, has been providing his students with the tools they need …Read more >

Celebrating Science at UWinnipeg

UWinnipeg celebrates science with the 11th Annual Randy Kobes Undergraduate Poster Contest on Wednesday, September 21. This year it is open to the public from 1:30 – 4:00 pm as part of Science Literacy Week with added uber cool interactive science activities.