UWinnipeg welcomes the new CEO of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress

Ihor Hnatiw Michalchyshyn, photo supplied

Ihor Hnatiw Michalchyshyn, photo supplied

The University of Winnipeg welcomes the appointment of our distinguished alum Ihor Hnatiw Michalchyshyn as the new Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress.

UWinnipeg looks forward to working with Michalchyshyn upon his return to Winnipeg, as our institution continues to strengthen its relationship with the Ukrainian community, here and in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Canadian Congress (UCC) is the voice of Canada’s Ukrainian community. The Congress brings together under one umbrella all the national, provincial and local Ukrainian Canadian organizations. Together with its member organizations, the UCC has been leading, coordinating and representing the interests of one of Canada’s largest ethnic communities (1.2 million) for 70 years and is instrumental in shaping Canada’s social, economic and political landscape.

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