UWinnipeg to host panel discussions on future of post-secondary education

panel-audienceThe University of Winnipeg is initiating a series of conversations on the future of post-secondary education. Part of the celebrations related to UWinnipeg’s 100th Convocation, the dialogue on higher learning kicks off with two publicly held panel discussions that will draw upon insights from some of UWinnipeg’s most knowledgeable and respected leaders, both past and present.

On October 17, UWinnipeg’s  Director of Indigenous Inclusion, Wab Kinew, will moderate a panel on the topic of “Post-secondary Education For Indigenous Peoples”. The participants will include Ms. Raven Hart-Bellecourt, Aboriginal Student Council Female Representative;  Ms. Jennifer Rattray, Associate Vice-President of Indigenous, Government, and Community Affairs, The University of Winnipeg; Ms. Diane Roussin, Executive Director, Ma Mawi Wi Chi Itata Centre; and Ms. Leah LaPlante, Chair, Louis Riel Institute. LaPlante, Rattray, and Roussin are current members of UWinnipeg’s Indigenous Advisory Circle, which works to ensure the inclusion of Indigenous Peoples’ perspectives in the governance, programs, services and initiatives of the University.

Planned discussion topics will include: the successes and shortcomings of Indigenous education, strategies for student retention, the incorporation of Indigenous philosophies into more courses, the relevance of Indigenous cultural approaches to non-Indigenous students, and the role of education in shaping the relationship between Indigenous people and other Canadians?

On October 18, Paul Vogt (Visiting Scholar, University of Manitoba) will moderate a panel discussion on “The Future of Higher Education in Manitoba”. The participants will be Dr. John Bulman, Chancellor Emeritus, UWinnipeg; Dr.Marsha Hanen, Past-President, UWinnipeg; Dr. Robin H. Farquhar, Past-President, UWinnipeg; H. Sanford Riley, Past-Chancellor, UWinnipeg; and Mr. Bob Silver, Chancellor, UWinnipeg.

Some of the topics to be explored include: the unique educational and research contributions that UWinnipeg has or can make in the post-secondary sector, recent developments in less traditional modes of instruction, significant Community engagement initiatives that UWinnipeg has undertaken in the last several decades, the role that internationalization of education plays at UWinnipeg,  ways in which the University of Winnipeg, should position itself in relation to the wider community,  pressing challenges that the University should be addressing as an agent for change, and the issue of access for populations traditionally under-represented in University education.

The Start of a Conversation:

October 17 + 18, 2013
Convocation Hall,  (2nd Floor Wesley Hall)

Join us for a discussion with some of UWinnipeg’s most knowledgeable and respected leaders about important issues facing post-secondary education in Manitoba.

Panel Discussion: Post-Secondary Education for Indigenous Peoples

When: October 17;  2:30 – 4:00 p.m.


Panel Discussion: Future of Higher Education in Manitoba

When: October 18;  9:30 – 11:30 a.m.


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