Micaela Friesen earns 2015 Garnet Kyle Scholarship

Micaela Friesen

Micaela Friesen

Micaela Friesen was has garnered the 2015 Garnet Kyle Scholarship, one of the highest-valued awards available to a Canadian student at UWinnipeg. Friesen graduated from Roseau Valley School in Dominion City in southern Manitoba. She begins her first year this fall at UWinnipeg. She is described by those who know her as “a creative and innovative student, who is kind.” She is an academically-minded student who is keen to learn new things.

“I’m looking forward to being able to take the classes I want to take,” expressed Friesen. “I’m attracted to the small classes and more personal attention. I cannot wait to delve into a heightened academic world where I will face new challenges.”

Friesen is known in her school as a leader and participant in her local community; and for her natural ability to put people at ease with her grace and easy smile. She was an avid volunteer in her school, working on many committees, including the yearbook committee and social action committee.

In addition to her traditional academic courses in high school, Friesen has taken independent studies in Spanish and in music (piano and guitar). She plans to begin in the Faculty of Arts and will be living in residence at UWinnipeg.

“I was ecstatic when I got the call,” said Friesen when she learned about her award. “I am so grateful that I got this scholarship.”

The unique Garnet Kyle Scholarship is specifically intended to support a rural student from Dominion City (and surrounding area) in the pursuit of undergraduate or graduate studies at UWinnipeg and is valued at $40,000 ($10,000 X 4 Years).

Garnet Kyle Scholarship
The late Garnet Kyle was a lifelong resident of Dominion City, longtime Councillor in the RM of Franklin, and school board trustee in the Boundary School Division. Kyle spent all of his life in local politics and ran as a candidate in the 1973 provincial election. He was active in many community projects including construction, at his own expense, of a nine-hole golf course in Dominion City that is free to youth in the area.

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