First issue of UWINNIPEG magazine available online

The University of Winnipeg’s newly revamped flagship publication is now available online. The newly-rebranded UWINNIPEG Magazine (formerly The Journal) highlights recent news, initiatives, and successes of the UWinnipeg community. Hard copies will be available on campus this week, and also will be distributed by mail to UWinnipeg alumni and donors.

The inaugural issue contains a special 12-page tribute to the legacy of UWinnipeg President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, who is retiring at the end of June. The special section includes excerpts from an extended interview with Dr. Axworthy in which he reflects on his time as president; video of the full interview can be viewed here.

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  • Don Wilkinson said...

    Congratulations on the revamped UWinnipeg Magazine. The format and content is great.

    Also, congratulations to Dr. Axworthy on his retirement are in order. Although I have lived in British Columbia for the past 25+ years, I have looked with interest at the development of the University of Winnipeg, both in terms of its physical structure and its growth in terms of number of students attending and variety of courses available. The University has changed significantly since I attended in the early 1970’s, and for the better. Dr. Axworthy has had a significant role to play in this change. Bravo!