Dr. Charles Wong is Canada Research Chair in ecotoxicology at UWinnipeg

Dr. Charles Wong, Canada Research Chair in Ecotoxicology at UWinnipeg, photo credit Kristen Hooper

Dr. Charles Wong, Canada Research Chair in Ecotoxicology at UWinnipeg, photo credit Kristen Hooper

WINNIPEG, MB – Dr. Charles Wong, Canada Research Chair (CRC) in Environmental Toxicology, had his Tier II CRC renewed for an additional five years.  This endowed chair is worth $500,000, with a title change to Canada Research Chair in Ecotoxicology to reflect his upcoming research more accurately.

“We will determine how toxic chemicals, both past-use but especially current-use, are released into the environment, behave once there, and move and degrade, if they do,” explained Wong. “Understanding how these processes work is essential to characterizing what controls chemical concentrations, and therefore exposure levels to humans and other living organisms.”

Wong’s research includes an understanding of how new and better passive samplers can collect pharmaceuticals, personal care products, pesticides, and their various degradation products in waters, soils, and sewage. As well, he is investigating the dynamics of how organisms can break down pollutants such as these, as well as those regulated by the international Stockholm Convention like DDT, polychlorinated biphenyls, and flame retardants. This research will lead to sound decision-making for sustainable environmental protection.

Wong is the Director of the Thomas Sill Analytical Laboratory for Water Research Technology (STALWART) in UWinnipeg’s Richardson College for the Environment & Science Complex. He leads one of the largest research groups at UWinnipeg. Wong and his team (students and staff) have earned over 30 awards as well as regional to international fellowships and conference presentation wins to date at all levels. He has over 65 papers in the peer-reviewed scientific literature, and has leveraged his CRC funds to help raise nearly $7 million in external research support since joining UWinnipeg in 2008.

“The renewal of Dr. Wong’s Canada Research Chair reinforces the strength and breadth of research in the field of ecotoxicology being done at The University of Winnipeg,” expressed Jino Distasio, Director of IUS and Associate Vice-President, Research and Innovation at UWinnipeg.  “Since joining UWinnipeg in 2008, Dr. Wong has built a state-of-the-art research laboratory in the Richardson College for the Environment and Science Complex and has trained numerous highly qualified personnel.  As an institution, we are extremely proud of Dr. Wong and his research team undertaking ground-breaking research. We congratulate Dr. Wong on this prestigious re-appointment.”



Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg

P: 204.988.7130, E: n.ibrahim@uwinnipeg.ca

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