Crossings — an academic student journal

Shanae Blaquiere, © Bogos Demsas

Shanae Blaquiere, © Bogos Demsas

UWinnipeg is launching an exciting new multidisciplinary, peer-reviewed, academic student journal entitled Crossings, an interdisciplinary journal on Monday, January 23, 2017 at 12:30 pm in room 2M70. Crossings is hosted by The University of Winnipeg Library. This event is free and all are welcomed to attend.

Last year Students were invited to submit their research work* in the humanities and social sciences, creative arts, or interdisciplinary studies. Nineteen student essays from various disciplines are included in the inaugural journal that will be published annually.

Dr. Jane Barter, © UWinnipeg

Dr. Jane Barter, © UWinnipeg

“This journal is an opportunity to showcase student excellence in the Humanities and Social Sciences.  It also affords an occasion to share student research on such timely and important themes as gender and representation, Islamophobia, and decolonization. Finally, this journal displays how research is central to what we do—at all levels and in all disciplines—in the University. Crossings unites teaching and research by mentoring students in developing their argument from the classroom research assignment to a public audience in a peer-reviewed journal.”

“I think that an undergraduate arts journal like Crossings is an excellent vehicle for mobilizing the work of students at the University of Winnipeg,” said Shanae Blaquiere, a double major in Rhetoric, Writing, and Communications and Religion & Culture. “The idea of trying to become a published academic as an undergrad is a daunting one, but the initiative of a student-centered publication like this one makes academia seem far more accessible. Crossings exemplifies the student-centered learning approach and emphasis on mentorship that I’ve experienced in my time at UWinnipeg.”

The Editorial Committee will be soliciting articles and book reviews for Volume 2 of Crossings, scheduled to be published in January 2018, on the theme of the 150-year anniversary of Canadian Confederation. The Call for Papers will be available at the launch on January 23.  For more information, please contact Jane Barter

*in any language of instruction at the University.

Naniece Ibrahim, Communications Officer, The University of Winnipeg
P: 204.988.7130, E:

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