Canadian Landmine Foundation annual meeting at UWinnipeg

WINNIPEG, MB – The Canadian Landmine Foundation (CLMF) will hold its annual meeting at The University of Winnipeg from May 31 to June 1, 2014. The event will be hosted by Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, President and Vice-Chancellor at UWinnipeg, who is a board member of CLMF.

Recent heavy flooding in Bosnia has loosened and scattered landmines left over from the civil war, affirming that the danger of landmines is still a major concern — these landmines could get in waterways and move throughout the area, and Europe, causing harm to and raising fear among many civilians. Similar concerns exist in other areas of the world; it is believed that landmines have been placed in the Crimea and it is known that they are being placed in Syria.

The Ottawa Treaty was signed 16 years ago, under the guidance of Dr. Axworthy — who was then Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister — to eliminate landmines and stop their production. Immense progress has followed, including the destruction of millions of landmines, the prevention of innumerable casualties, and assistance for tens of thousands of survivors. It also has dispelled fear for millions of people. It is anticipated that Mozambique will be virtually mine-free by the end of 2014; however the landmine situations in Bosnia, Crimea and Syria demonstrate that the battle is not over.

CLMF was created 15 years ago to carry out the aims of the Ottawa Treaty, namely: to help eradicate landmines, provide assistance for survivors, and raise awareness of landmines and the Treaty.

“The signing of the Ottawa Treaty in 1997 banning landmines and Canada’s challenge to the world has had a significant impact, with more than 150 countries to date ratifying the Treaty,” said Dr. Axworthy. “Unfortunately the critically important job of eradicating landmines continues. The Canadian Landmine Foundation continues the important work of advocating for a safer world and keeping the Treaty alive.”

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