Campus Construction Update

The campus community is advised there will be a temporary pedestrian detour this fall, to facilitate the safe access of transport and delivery trucks to the Leatherdale Hall construction site.

Effective August 22nd, Spence Street will be divided into two lanes: the west side is for pedestrian and cyclist use; the east side is reserved for vehicle traffic accessing the construction site. Trucks will approach from the north (Ellice Avenue), escorted slowly along Spence by flag-bearing staff; these vehicles will depart the site and exit on Portage Avenue. To ensure safety, all are reminded to watch for these escorted vehicles on Spence and not cross their paths.

On the north side of the construction site, a new ramp — leading from the back of Graham Hall, past The Quad, to Centennial Hall— has been created for shared pedestrian, cyclist, and accessibility use. The new ramp will adjoin a walkway across Spence, for access to the Axworthy RecPlex and the pedestrian lane.

Please note that the main corridor leading from Wesley Hall and Bryce Hall to Centennial Hall will remain open throughout construction.

During the last week of August, cranes will be mobilizing on the construction site and the new building will be framed and enclosed by mid-November. The new Leatherdale Hall is to be completed in March 2017.

Progress updates will be provided on a regular basis. Thank you to the campus community for their patience during construction. Questions may be directed to Linda Palmer at 204.988.7110

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