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Understanding Prairie grasslands

French student Anne-Charlotte Olivier is doing research on the Canadian Prairies at UWinnipeg with Dr. Rafael Otfinowski. They are looking to restore Prairie Grasslands.

UWinnipeg’s Alana Lajoie-O’Malley makes a move

Rhode Scholar, alumna and Senior Advisor for Research and Sustainability, Alana Lajoie-O’Malley, is moving to Canada’s capital to pursue an opportunity as the Manager of Outreach and Engagement for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities.

Scientific research symposium for undergrads

Plans for the 13th Annual Randy Kobes Undergraduate Research Symposium are underway, and this year’s event will take place on Wednesday, September 19.  This competition displays some of the excellent quality research by undergraduate students at The University of Winnipeg. It is a valuable opportunity for students to obtain experience in presentations of scientific research …Read more >

Measuring neutrinos from a galaxy, far, far, away

Observing supernova relic neutrinos using the the Japanese Super-Kamiokande, the world’s largest water Cherenkov detector.

UWinnipeg creates Media Centre for Public Policy and Knowledge Mobilization

The Centre will be a research hub that seeks to understand how policy-making decisions are influenced by media and how research institutions commit to knowledge mobilization.

Meet prestigious graduate scholar Nicholas Palaschuk

Nicolas Palashchuk has been awarded the prestigious and lucrative Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship Doctoral Scholarship valued at $105,000 over three years.

VegFest returns to UWinnipeg

Come and check out the fabulous one day Winnipeg VegFest that celebrates yummy vegan food and inspiring speakers.

Education students seek hidden talents in lost youth

Education students will gather at The University of Winnipeg this week to learn how to connect with “lost” youth at the sixth annual Lost Prizes/International Centre for Innovation in Education (ICIE) conference.